Magdeleine Mondoloni

    Magdeleine. A predestined first name for someone who has presided over the French Federation of Aestheticians for so long. Magdelena, the patron saint of perfumers, Magdeleine with a "g" like in Grace and like it was once supposed to be.

Referred to as France's "First Lady of Estheticians," Magdeleine Mondoloni is a French cosmetologist, union organizer, and businesswoman. She is known for her work professionalizing the field of beauty as well as her eponymous line of cosmetics Magdeleine Mondoloni.


Magdeleine Mondoloni pioneered a view of beauty that extended beyond the physical to focus on generosity of spirit and inner goodness. Her work for French beauticians followed a similar vein, arguing that beauticians served a vital role in society that reached beyond mere makeup tips and haircuts. Thenault-Mondoloni also worked hard to bring this French idea of beauty to the international community, creating seminars and workshops about the evolution of beauty in Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, United States, Senegal, Japan, China, Brazil, Morocco, and Algeria.


Notably, she also worked extensively with a major cosmetics company, serving as a Technical Counselor to the company and becoming their Honorary President. She has also worked throughout Japan and Asia and has founded beauty schools and institutes in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Taiwan, and Shanghai.


During her term as President of the Federation of Aestheticians (INFA) in the 1960s and 1970s, Magdeleine Mondoloni played a vital role in establishing vocational programs that provided professional certifications for beauticians in France. She also founded numerous beauty schools, hair salons, and institutes dedicated to the study of beauty.


For her work in unionizing and professionalizing the cosmetology profession, she was awarded the National Order of Merit in 2009.

" Someone's appearence reveals his qualities, his inner truth and beauty has become fundamental, an imperative  for those who treat their face like they treat their soul. Appearence is an open book."


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